JOY is found in the moments - Be Present


Today’s hurried pace pulls our focus to many things during the day, everything is demanding our attention. The frantic pace of putting out fires and getting things done can cause us to miss opportunities to see Joy. We can find joy when we slow down enough to notice.

There are plenty of opportunities throughout our day to find these moments. A bird eating from a feeder, dogs playing with each other, a sunset or the beautiful sky as the sun is rising. The key is to simply be intentional about looking for these moments.

I have been watching the bare stick on my orchid plant for awhile. I intentionally sat and noticed this branch over the past couple of months … and what a payoff!  A branch that I thought was dead produced buds then gradually, one by one, opened into blooming pieces of art. I was able to take in these joyful moments just by noticing this blooming process. Where will you find joy by noticing today?

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